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Our Room Addition Projects

ADU Project in Rolling Hills, CA
CP - SO - 1


CP - SO - 2


CP - SO - 6 - Final


New foundation poured before framing the new walls.
Wall covering removed and prepped for new framing.
Wall covering removed and prepped for new framing.
Sheathing in on and we're almost ready for the roof and siding.
The crew finishing up the framing and installing windows.
Sliding glass door and windows installed and flashed.
Prepping the new and existing walls for a tile shower.
New roof on and getting ready for stucco.
Applying the stucco siding to the outside of the framing.
Painting done and almost ready for tile.
New tile going into the bathroom.
Tile porch installed and lights hung.
The homeowners love their new bathroom!

Single-Story Additions

A ground-level addition is the most popular because the cost vs. value is the highest of all additions. Typically we remove the existing wall and install a beam to hold up the roof.

We build the new structure and seamlessly integrate it with the existing structure so that by the time it is done it looks like it was there all along.

Second Story Additions

Adding a second story addition to a home takes special considerations that aren’t necessary in a one-story addition. Things like structural integrity come into play when we make sure that the existing structure is strong enough to support the additional weight.

Our engineers will work hard to make sure your addition is structurally sound and safe for your family. Then our designers will come in and seamlessly integrate the roof of the addition into the existing roof so that it looks like it was there all along.
A two story balcony addition is about to be built onto this existing structure.
The framing is wrapping up and we're getting ready for finishes.
The guys are prepping the building for finishing.
The finishes are on and it's time to install the driveway.
The homeowner is so happy the project finished on time!
Another awesome addition is complete!

Before and After Home Extension

Preparing to pour the foundation and slab.
The new foundation is poured and we're getting ready to frame.
The framing crew building the structure.
The framing is complete and we're ready for the roof and finishes.
A view from the side.
The outside of the structure is waterproofed and prepped to be covered.
The garage is finished and ready for use!

Before and After Detached Garage Addition

Garage Additions

Building a new detached garage requires that we run utilities out to the site of the new structure. There are also building codes and regulations to abide by when designing the addition.

Speak with our designer to ensure that you are taking the proper steps to ensure you are building a legal and secure building for your vehicles and storage.

Master Bedroom Additions

The master bedroom is often the largest room in the house. It’s where the master of the house lives and is equipped with a private bathroom and a walk-in closet. The additional rooms included in a master bedroom addition require special considerations such as plumbing and room placement.

Adding a master bedroom to your home not only increases the sell price, but provides an attractive prospect to potential buyers.
We need to add a master bedroom to the second floor of this home in Los Angeles.
The crew prepping the ground for the foundation.
We peeled the roof back to prep for a seamless transition.
The crew is putting the finishing touches on the framing.
Installing and blending the old roof with the new roof.
Installed the windows and getting ready to paint.
From the outside the addition blends in with the old structure.
From this angle it looks beautiful.
The homeowner loves their new master bedroom and utility room.

Before and After Master Bedroom Addition

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